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welcome back. i'm diane dwyer. we are on at 5:30 tonight because of college football coverage on nbc. just in time for the labor day weekend there was a great white shark sighting. people at dorran beach spotted a greawhite shark with a sea lion in it mouth. one park ranger said that was a first for him.
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you might remember it was just monday when a surfer took this video in pacifica with a great white eating a sea lion. 200 yards from a popular busy surf break. there were several witnesses. some say the shark was very large, 18 to 25 feet long which would be near a record. this fisherman's kayak tells of his count with a great white in san mateo county two weeks ago. he tells us he is lucky to have walked away with barely a kratch. between august and september white sharks are known to feed in the bay area's red triangle. one very lucky kayaker. >> california highway patrol officers inspected tour buses and vans coming through muirwoods national monument. not only making sure the
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vehicles were safe, but checked on the drivers. last year a similar check found plenty of problems. >> last time we did this we had to take several buses off the road. a total of three. one driver was without a chauffeur's license. we basically ensure the buses are compliant with state law and our permit system. >> the inspection was funded by federal grants. an initial inspection of the small plane that crashed in redwood city revealed no clues as to what went wrong. the twin engine beech craft was lifted out of the lagoon yesterday. this is video when they tore it apart. the flight controls were in the correct position. three people died in thursday's crash. a women and two men. one an elderly bay area business man, another a san francisco
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flight instructor. it is not clear who was piloting when it went down. chp will have maximum enforcement through labor day. there will be as many officers as possible on the road. just the first night chp reports dui arrests are up, traffic deaths are down. 77 drivers were arrested on suspicion of drunk driving or drugs, up 43%. no one has died. statewide 436 drivers have been arrested. statewide four people died in traffic accidents. another big oil company has joined the effort to suspend california's global warming law. david and charles koch donated $1 million to the campaign. the second largest company that owns oil refineries and pipelines. valero and tasero have donated. prop 23 would kill california's 2006 law that aims to reduce
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greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels over the next decade. many environmental groups, democratic leaders and california's republican governor oppose proposition 23. president obama recognized labor day in his weekly address today. >> so this labor day we should recommit ourselves to our time-honored values and this fundamental truth. to heal our economy we need more than a healthy stock market. we need bustling main streets and a growing, thriving middle class. >> he also outlined steps he believes he has taken to help workers in the middle class. he tried to create jobs, make college more affordable and cut taxes to help the middle class. kentucky congressman jeff davis says the president's economic efforts have fallen short. >> the nation's unemployment has
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been 9% for 16 mont despite the obama administration promised the $1 trillion stimulus would keep unemployment below 8%. the question is where are the jobs? >> davis says employers are afraid to invest. for example, the health care bill includes 3,800 pages of regulations. he is requiring that congress take an un-and-down vote on every major rule. in afghanistan aed is bombing happened midday. there is no immediate connection but comes on the anniversary of an area that killed 142 people. that bombing killed more afghan civilians than any other incident. four killed in today's blast were policemen. in pakistan millions continue to battle for survival.
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the floods damaged 1/5 of the country. the u.n. says about 8 million people are dependent on aid and add to that 1 million people haven't received any help at this point and 3 million are in desperate need of food. aid workers blame the poor response on the sheer scope of the disaster. the invest into the gulf oil leak may be near an important turn. the blowout preventer that allowed the massive spill was hauled to the surface in a delicate day long process. these are live pictures. brian mohr reports. investigators hope it provides more insight on exactly what happened. >> reporter: at the site of the gulf oil spill crews hoisted a 300 ton piece of evidence to the surface. fbi agents were on hand to take possession of the failed blowout
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preventer expected to give investigators new insight. >> i'm pleased to announce the new blowoutgr preventer on this well, this well does not constitute a threat to the gulf of mexico at this point. >> reporter: a new blowout preventer was maneuvered into place and bp hopes crews will be able to seal off the well for good. >> take the final steps to plug and abandon. then it will shift to the oversight of department of interior and ocean energy management. >> reporter: the leak was stopped in mid july. the cleanup will continue for a long, long time. for those demanding what went wrong, new answers may be emerging from the depths of the louisiana gulf. caught on video. surveillance tape of that large earthquake in new zealand. you may keep your kitchen clean, but what happened your office? the dirty secret coming up next.
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a long weekend. looking live, plenty of sunshine. or om ay on monday. i'll have the details coming right up. south of laredo, there's a place...
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burn the wimp right outta ya. take a look at this surveillance video. it shows a magnitude 7.1 earthquake rocking new zealand. it was taking at a supermarket. the quake brought down brick walls and caused several fires. remarkably only two people suffered serious injuries. >> people have been generally very, very scared. the damage is incredibly frightening. it is a miracle no one lost their life. this is a good number of hours earlier when a lot of people were out and about we would have lost quite a number of people. >> new zealand gets 14,000 earthquakes every year, 150 of those are felt by people there. your work place may be home to a rancid refrigerator.
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the place you put your lean cuisines could be a breeding ground for bacteria. everyone uses it but no one wants to clean it. >> reporter: office refrigerators don't seem to be hiding a dirty secret, but they can be a breeding ground for germs. >> a refrigerator is not going to disinfect. the bacteria and food that get on surfaces would need to be disinfected. >> reporter: the survey discovered 22% of work place refrigerators are cleaned once or twice a year. >> you have to be proactive. >> i would go in and check it out. >> reporter: we took our cameras to work place refrigerators, while most passed the visual test. this was disturbing. what is that mysterious yellow
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substance? the study included your office refrigerator may be dirtier than your office bathroom. >> with most office facilities i would say the bathrooms are a targeted area of cleaning because they need to be and they also need to have the refrigerator cleaned. >> reporter: scott pritchard studies patterns of disease. >> nothing is going to keep it bacteria proof. anything that can keep it contaminated. you wouldn't want your sandwich to be contaminated by somebody's week old spaghetti sauce. >> again, that was grant boxlatner reporting. tropical storm earl made land fall in canada. bed bugs bite ba o to exterminators to a home infested. [ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland,
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but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now.
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bed bugs are invading the bay area. they are big news on the east coast where they have infested hotels, dorm rooms and movie theaters. garvin thomas shows us bed bugs are a growing problem around here as well. >> reporter: if this were your home, this your bed, and these sadly your bed bugs -- >> as you can see through the carpet they move quickly. >> reporter: you might be reluctant to go on tv to talk about it. >> yeah. >> reporter: still, while this east bay homeowner would rather you not see her face, she was okay letting our cameras show you her house and the bed bugs calling it home. she just discovered them this week. >> i was changing my son's sheets for routine weekly cleaning and happened to find four bugs crawling on my hand. i immediately freaked out. washed the bugs off with my
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other hand. lifted up the mattress and saw a clump of bugs. i haven't slept in two days. i'm paranoid to go to sleep as to what i'm going to find. i'm checking with a flash night at night around my kids. >> there are bed bugs with the fee cal matter. >> reporter: a team from ter terminex is doing an inspection. they are steaming the bugs. a freezing spray is also an option. there will be a tenting as well as visits from the ter murminexm for the next six weeks. >> right now we are getting on average 200 to 300 leads a month as far as people saying i think i have bed bugs. >> reporter: as ugly a problem as this is, bed bugs are more of a problem in the eastern half of
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the country, but take this woman's story as a lesson for us all, bed bugs may be small, but they are getting around. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> yuck. yuck, yuck, yuck. tropical storm earl is long past the east coast. the storm wasn't nearly as bad as expected. earl ripped up a few boards on cape cod and blew out a window or two. the storm moved on in time for the labor day weekend. today we've got sunny skies and calm seas. despite a nonstop onslaught of coverage. >> you have to have the hype because if you don't you're not prepared. >> earl didn't hit too hard in the u.s. it did did leave an impression on canadians. here is halifax, nova scotia where the storm made land fall there. >> they are now predicting lots
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of tree damage, branchs down. this is what you are expecting to see over the next couple of hours. >> lots of damage there. lots of rain. not so much around here. >> the long weekend and monday is the warmest day. more 90s in the forecast. the highs today, we managed 91 in livermore. 94 discovery bay. 88 los gatos. 79 in the bay. san francisco 62. it has cooled off. 70s, 80s and a few 90s. tomorrow we see more. here a live shot of the golden gate bridge and the fog making it to the eastside of the bay. hazy there. a live shot at the coliseum through oakland hills. the wind is starting to pick up a little bit. patchy fog tonight through early tomorrow morning then it is
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done. a lot of us will see the sun come up tomorrow morning. close to 90 degrees in inland valleys. east bay and south end of the bay. the south end of the bay, cool spot and the fountains. this is san jose. this is the plaza de-cesar chavez. the kids are getting play time in the heat. as we go through the afternoon tomorrow temperatures warm up more. fog through tonight and into tomorrow we'll lose that a lot earlier. monday we are not going to see much of it at all in the morning hours. 57 in san francisco, 87 in concorde, 88 in livermore. 84 san jose. 70s through napa and sonoma. we are going to see plenty of 90s tomorrow. temperatures have come down two to ten degrees from this time yesterday. plenty of fog and cloud cover this morning.
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wind out of the northwest ten to 15 miles an hour into the delta area. this is the setup moving through the evening hours into tomorrow. some of the fog at the golden gate gets pushed to the south. a ridge of high pressure here. cold here. the wind out of the north is pushing the fog into southern california. the warm air in place will start to expand tomorrow. that gets rid of the fog earlier. temperatures come up a few degrees. it gets stronger on monday. for labor day we've got the offshore coming through. it becomes more of a north easterly wind. when that happens temperatures come up more. look what happens as we go into tuesday and wednesday. cold air comes in. that cold air in the gulf of alaska falls in. around the bay area the highs in the 60s and 70s. we drop 15 degrees into wednesday. your daily planner for tomorrow.
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6:43 sunrise. patchy coastal clouds, 50s along the coast. inland we start with the 60s. a little bit of a springboard for the warmer temperatures. 80 by noon in some of the warmer spots. a lot of 90s on the map through the afternoon. 93 livermore, concord 92. 90s into los gatos, saratoga. 67 in san francisco. close to 70 and near 90 through sonoma. the sausalito art festival. a lot going on over the weekend. sunshine. monday the hottest day at the beaches. tuesday we cool off. wednesday is the cooler day, thursday, friday, and saturday we are steady with 70s and lower 80s. a great finish, diane, tomorrow, 90s. >> we were ready to have summer arrive. it got here in september. >> we've be waiting.
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michael douglas is in the battle of his life in a public move he is making next week in his fight against cancer. many bay area families and college students don't have enough money for the ts tneed. the ed. the unusual way they are making ends meet. us
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we've all heard the term starving student. with this semester the economy in shambles students are literally starving or sort of. chris sanchez shows us how hungry students are applying for food stamps in record numbers. >> reporter: viviana rodriguez is proud to be the first person in her family to go to college. >> reporter: she is study medical billing. paying her own bills has become a challenge. >> it is hard always. >> reporter: rodriguez is among
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thousands of bay area college students on food stamps. >> if you don't eat breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can't study. >> we literally have students coming to us saying i'm out of food. >> reporter: the financial aid department at cal state east bay says 119 students are on food stamps and that number is likely to increase. >> we are literally inundated with students who have immediate needs they didn't have the prior year. >> reporter: it is a trend among college-age students. the number of 18 to 24-year-olds receiving food stamps is on the rise in every county. to qualify college students must be enrolled at least part time and fulfill the following criteria. they must work 20 hours a week or participate in a work study program or have a child under the age of 6 or receive cal works. johnson says hungry students can apply for an emergency loan and
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get a check within 24 hours. >> if they are starving they only have to make it one more day. for rodriguez it is one day closer to getting off food stamps. an actor who just announced he is fighting cancer is joining the star-studded lineup. >> i finished my first week of radiation and chemo. found out about it three weeks ago. i said, gee, when i found out i was going to be on your show. >> michael douglas will take part in friday's telethon. he announced he is fighting stage four throat cancer he blames on years of smoking and drinking. 100% of the donations to stand up to cancer goes toward cancer research. watch the telethon friday night on nbc bay area. we are going to have more local news on the bay area at 6:00 in two minutes.
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see you then.
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>> good evening. i'm diane dwyer. the search continues in the east bay for a man police believe could be another victim in a string of killings. search crews spent a second day sifting through trash at the keller canyon land fill in pittsburgh looking for any signs of 35-year-old frederick solace. monty francis just spoke with police. monty? >> reporter: diane, day two of this search just wrapped up about an hour ago. police have not found anything to locate 35-year-old frederick solace. crews are sifting through an area of about an acre of trash that came from the north shore business park.

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